18 week Cheese Share

The Cheese Share is offered for 18 weeks beginning July 8th/9th and ending November 4th/5th.  Four farms participate in this program, rotating different cheeses each week. This combination gives you a wonderful selection of soft, medium and hard cheese textures and includes both cow and goat milk varieties. 

CATAPANO GOAT DAIRY:  located just a few miles down the road here in Peconic,
this farm has won #1 in the country for its goat chevre.  They offer plain and herb flavored cheves depending on the season, as well as fresh goat feta.   For more information please visit their website:   www.catapanodairy.com

MECOX BAY DAIRY:  located on the south fork of Long Island, these former potato
farmers have been milking cows now for over ten  years.  They have developed unique
raw milk artisanal cheeses which include a cheddar, a Swiss style, a camembert,
and more.  Please visit their website for more information:  www.mecoxbaydairy.com

HARPERSFIELD DAIRY:  located in the Catskill Mountains just north of  New York City, this farm has become know for their semi-hard Tilsit style cheese,  
similar to a gouda in texture, but sweeter in taste.  In addition to their famous plain Tilsit, there are a number of herb infused varieties as well.  For more information
visit their website:   www.harpersfieldcheese.com


 GOODALE FARMS: located just 15 minutes from our farm here on the North Fork of Long Island, this farm has both cow and goat herds.  They are making soft cheeses from both cow and goats milk in a delightful selection of flavors.  For more information visit their website: www.goodalefarms.com

$195 for 18 weeks or $10.80/wk.  The cheese will be approximately 6oz in size except for the goat cheese which will be 4-5oz in size. 

*You must be a vegetable share member to participate.




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