The Lees and staff
Karen Lee (Sang Lee Retail & Events Manager)

Karen met Fred in Boston, Massachusettes where both Karen and Fred recieved Masters in Business Administration from Boston University.  The family farm continues to grow with Karen and Fred's three children Jennifer, William, and Michael.  Karen has created a new line of prepared foods in order to compliment the produce grown on the farm.  She has managed the retail shoppe for over ten years and continues to host Lunch Clubs, Dinner Events, Tours, and Tastings. 

Will Lee (Marketing/Operations Manager)

Will has had a significant impact on the development of the retail enterprises.  By helping construct the original farm stand to managing the ever evolving farmers markets Will has reached out to expand the versatility of the Sang Lee product line and to introduce the variety of produce to more people in the local community.  

Will has also had a great impact on the CSA program.  Focusing on the distribution, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.  

Field work, equipment service and operation, as well as employee management are a few of the things that Will is also responsible for.

Yuk Fong Ng Shui ( Product Coordinator)

Fong has over 35 years work experience with our family farm.  Originally starting as a field crew member, she has vast experience in the harvest, packing and handling of every crop we have ever grown on the farm.  She has managed harvest crews, worked with our greenhouse production and helped in many aspects of our evolution over the years.  Most recently she has managed our value added products and helped Karen develop our much sought after 'Stir-Fry-Packs', 'Snack Paks' of cut vegetables and roasted summer vegetables.  She is 'The Person' behind the scenes for helping us present all of our successful cooking classes, special events and Festival Dinners.

Molly Girl (Human Resources Coordinator)

Molly joined our staff in the early winter of 2008.  She has a dual parental backround of Golden Retriever and Saint Bernard, that suits her job requirements well.  Her understanding and patient disposition is especially important to keeping things on the farm operating smoothly.  There have been many hectic summer days where her calming influences have literally kept the 'lid on things' and helped our staff's anxious moods from getting the best of some situations.  She is 'The One to Go to' when any of the staff feels stressed out or is having a rough day.  She has the ability to slow things down and make life bearable again even if it's just a walk with a little quite time with you.  She is not only a talented and 'skilled listener', but a valuable member of the team.   We are fortunate to have her with us managing our Human Resources.  

German Boch Chamale (Field & Greenhouse Manager)

German has been a valuable member of our staff for over 15 years.  His management areas include the field crops of Mesclun, Lettuce, Radishes, Peas, Potatoes, Asian greens, Spinach, baby leaf lettuces as well as most of the greenhouse crops.  He manages the harvest schedules, planting and crew work in these areas.  His responsibilities also include most of the CSA vegetable harvests, including the preparation of cartons and bins prior to loading for distribution. 

Caryll Batterman (Retail Associate)

Caryll has 12 years experience with all aspects of our retail operations.  She joined Karen during the first year of our cut flower venture lending her special skills in arrangement design and wreath making.  She has anchored our farm stand retail staff since our begining season and has seen us through many developments.  Most recently, she has played crucial roles in the setup of all three of our Farmer's markets in the East Hampton, Westhampton Beach and Northport communities.  She works collaboratively with Karen on recipes, menus, and special events here at the farm including our 'Lunch Club' classes, Tomato Festival, other special promotions and cooking events.

Fred Lee (Sang Lee Farms Owner/Farmer)

Fred grew up working with family and relatives on Sang Lee Farms in Florida and Long Island.  He has worked diligently to incorporate the NOFA certified Organic philosophy and growing practices into all aspects of Sang Lee Farms.  Fred focuses over forty years of farming knowledge and experience on the specialty vegetables grown at our Farm.   

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