What is a CSA and Benefits For Joining?

What is a CSA?

Typically, the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included, like eggs or fresh bread.  Consumers purchase a membership and in return receive a weekly share of produce each week throughout the farming season.   You get the freshest produce, picked at the peak of ripeness – not shipped from across the country or stored for weeks.  

What are the benefits to a CSA?

CSA programs are beneficial to both the farm and the CSA member.  Memberships help support the farm with early revenues so that start up costs for purchases of fertilizer, seeds and other supplies can be met. Having a set membership number also helps the farmer to plan what he has to grow and to get the crops started early. 

CSA is a unique economic relationship because it is a partnership between consumers and farmers.    Consumers contract with farmers before the growing season begins, and agree to share the risks and rewards of growing food in their local climate.  Excluding any major inclement weather issues, Sang Lee Farms pledges to provide our members with an abundant weekly supply of delicious Certified Organic "Fresh-Lee-Cut" @ vegetables. 

Pricing and Program Details 

The Early Winter CSA is a 5 week program. Early Winter CSA memberships will be granted on a first come basis for the season. 


The price of an Early Winter CSA membership is $155.00

In addition to the Early Winter Vegetable Share, we are offering a number of add-on shares from our partner farms.

Fruit Share                         $40           3lb bag of Apples

Cider Share                        $40           1/2 gallon of cider

Cheese Share                     $50           6-8oz piece of cow's milk cheese

Egg Share                           $35           1 dozen eggs

Soup Share                        $65           32 oz. Soup from the Sang Lee Kitchen



The deadline for all Vegetable CSA memberships is November 1st, 2014.

Please note:  Our staff is often packing and finalizing the boxes between 1:00PM and 2:00PM.  Likewise, our staff must close up the barn each evening before finishing for the day.  We ask you therefore, to please pay close attention to the scheduled times.

It is the CSA member's responsibility to pick up his/her share on the designated day.  We cannot promise to hold your box if it is not picked up on the designated day. Special arrangements must be made ahead for any changes to this schedule.  All shares not picked up will be donated to a local food pantry. 

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